“JIL” was born in the spring of 2013 from an iPhone voice memo. Vulnerable after a year strewn with heartbreaks, Gianpaolo Dieli suddenly found himself animating feelings of loss and ruminations on ego with his own sung vocals. This surge of creativity -- fostered by a then-recent fascination with singer/songwriters and nurtured by deep roots in hip-hop and soul -- lasted about a year and yielded four tracks. Upon revisiting the material in 2017, we feel this nearly overlooked chapter in his musical development is still worth sharing.

“JIL” is an homage to Jil Sander, whose stark colors, sculptural fits, and bold logo inspired Gianpaolo to musically interpret how her brand’s aesthetic made him feel. It starts with the attention to detail threaded throughout the release, emulating the great care put into her garments, while the lean, effective drums mimic the clean lines in her collections.

“JIL” is a time capsule of Gianpaolo’s mindset and his experiments with production during that period. Yet the strength of the songwriting and depth of detail assures the release is more than merely of its time. Most songs are led by his weary tenor, stretched and pulled with considered effort over drum machined rhythms in swinging, hip-hop patterns. Soft, pearly synth lines, scowling bass lines, and quivering arpeggios are a plush bed for Gianpaolo’s swooning vocals. Between nooks are sonic details enriching each moment: From the call-and-response of tap-danced grooves and room-filling bass blasts on “Gilded Splinters”, to the demented trailing vocals skittering out of view in “China Cabinet”, the production is sumptuous for home listening and booming enough for the jeep (or bus).


released September 22, 2017

Written, performed, and produced by Gianpaolo Dieli. Mastered by Dietrich Schoenemann.


all rights reserved



Argot Chicago, Illinois

A Chicago-based record label lifting up homegrown American talents. Parent label of Tasteful Nudes and Stolen Kisses sub-labels.

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